With our intimate, to change the baby's Shuxin.



Baby plot food, always crying, how do?

Baby plot food stomach will be very uncomfortable, will certainly cause crying, you can give your baby rubbing the stomach to eat probiotics to regulate the stomach, but also increase the baby's resistance. Baby food plot, really a bit uncomfortable, that is, do not love to eat, you can use the chicken inside the gold to boil water to the baby to drink Can eliminate the plot food, usually eat less meals.

To the baby to add probiotics, probiotics granules will be better?

Not long-term regular use, probiotics is to promote intestinal digestion, to maintain healthy bowel, baby when the intestinal development is not perfect, but the appropriate feeding point, the baby itself has its own probiotics flora

Baby 1 year old, want to change milk, before eating baby absorption is not good, there is no good absorption of milk recommended ah?

This choice for the change must be considered clearly, do more investigation it, my baby is drinking hi security, has not changed, I feel very good, Amway around the girlfriend ~ everyone's evaluation is good. If the milk is not appropriate, then you can change the milk, but do not often change the milk, you can choose a better, recommended diamond diamond hi Oh, my baby has been in use, weight standards, do not get angry without constipation, baby lit Of the words, Bao mother or pay attention to give your baby drink water Oh!