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KIDAMI Dinosaur Puppets Hand Puppet Toys Set Rubber Soft Touch Realistic for Kids and Adult. (3 Packs)

Realistic Set : sharp teeth (actually soft) and eyes, realistic color matching and artificial hand-painting technology, all for inspiring a great “movie director”.Different Types :3 piece puppets includes velociraptor dragon, double crown dragon and tyrannosaurus, provide variable imaginary Jurassic space for your kids.

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KIDAMI, Long may your joy!

KIDAMI focus on providing high quality educational toys and bring joy for children, accompanied our children grow up with a happy time. We are committed to provide each customer with the highest standard of service and hope you have a wonderful online shopping experience with us!

dinosaur hand puppets

The Jurassic Story

With no doubt, story-telling is generally becoming a core skill for each child’s development. Puppet-play inspires countless creative stories and extraordinarily imaginary shot. Take part in your little man’s “Jurassic world”. Don’t be surprised if you find such joyful play time by your hands

Dinosaur Hand Puppets Set



  • Quantity : 3
  • Material : silicone, spray paint and hand-painted
  • Odor : It may have a little smell when it is unpacked. Exposed it to the air for a certain period of time, the smell will dissipate.
  • Size : Velociraptor Dragon 7.5 * 5.7 in , Double Crown Dragon 7.9 * 7.5 in , Tyrannosaurus Rex 7.3 * 5.5 in


dinosaur hand puppets set

Recoverable Materials

Due to space constraints, silicone’s properties and transportation reasons, the puppets may be deformed. To turn it back to original appearance, you need soak them in 50-60 degrees warm water for 15-20 minutes or fill stuffing into the puppets and keep this for a while. These dinosaurs and shark will generally recover from the deformed shape.